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3RV Participation

Dear clients and business partners,

Starting June 1st, 2017, a 3RV participation, with a maximum amount of $5, or 10% of the invoice total, up to a maximum of $5 plus tax, will be added to each used auto parts invoice issued by our Quebec members. For example: for an invoice totaling $15, the 3RV participation will be $1.50; for an invoice totaling $200, the 3RV participation will be $5.

Definition of '3RV Participation'

An amount invested in Reducing at the source, in Reemploy, in Recycling and in Valorization of end-of-life vehicles.

For forty five year, ARPAC members invest to protect the environment. They contribute positively to our planet's health bill and do it using their most precious asset, the land on which their business is built.



At the end of the last century, in 1998, Quebec has elaborated a guide for best practices of end-of-life vehicles management, for which ARPAC members contributed with the Ministry of environment for its conception.

This best practices guide, which was updated in 2015, is always recommended by the MDDELCC as a reference tool, which can be used by end-of-life vehicle recyclers on a voluntary basis. For ARPAC members, it is an integral part of ARPAC rules and respecting is it mandatory.

Guide for best practices for managing end-of-life vehicles

http://www.mddelcc.gouv.qc.ca/matieres/mat_res/vehicules/guide-bonnes-pratiques-VHU.pdf [French]

In 2009, ARPAC, which is also a member of ARC, the Automotive Recyclers of Canada, collaborated to the creation of CAREC, the Canadian Auto Recyclers' Environmental Code. All ARPAC members are audited every three years by ARPAC to check they are conforming to parameters defined by the CAREC since 2011. Following two audits, all ARPAC members came out better. The minimum note of passage is 70%. We unfortunately had to part with two recyclers who could not meet these new requirements of end-of-life vehicles management and environment protection.



In addition to all of this, in 2016, Arpac.comm agreed to have audited, another time, its thirty five members, by an independent firm, to improve its quality standards. This new audit will be done every two years, in addition to the one executed by ARC every three years.

The participation of ARPAC members for over a half-century to protecting the environment contributed to building a strong industry with the help of all its partners, which we thank sincerely. We all subscribe to a circular economy, with the aim of severely limiting consumption and waste of raw material and non-renewable energy sources.

This 3RV participation will support required continued investments, in an auto industry in constant change, which confronts us to new daily challenges to diminish, all together, the imprint of end-of-life road vehicles on the environment.

Purchasing a green part, it's eco-friendly and economical. Thank you!

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